New York City, New York (April 28th, 2023) - Dr. Anne Snowdon, CEO and Scientific Director of SCAN Health, joined Mary Kuchenbrod, Vice President of Data Operations at Arcadia, to discuss the importance of data accuracy in healthcare during a recent interview with HIMSS. 

In the third episode of the "Unlocking Big Data" series, Dr. Snowdon discusses strategies to enhance the quality of healthcare data and the significance of turning data accuracy from an elusive concept to an achievable goal.  

The discussion touches on topics such as: 

  1. How to increase the accuracy of healthcare organizations' data accuracy – strategy, people, technology 
  2. The role of data analytics platforms in achieving data accuracy 
  3. The importance of data accuracy and quality data in supporting and advancing health equity 

To learn more about this topic, you can watch the TV episode or listen to the podcast, which are both available for free. This interview was sponsored by Arcadia and presented by HIMSS.

Keeping healthcare organizations' data accurate