Toronto, ON (June 28, 2023) - SCAN Health announces new leadership for its board of directors. Ms. Lynne Golding, a distinguished health law leader, will succeed Ms. Martha Huston as president of SCAN Health.

Ms. Golding is a partner at Fasken, the international law firm, and leads their Health Law Group. She brings extensive experience in establishing public-private partnerships, deep knowledge of corporate governance, and an unwavering commitment to strengthening healthcare for Canadians. In addition to her appointment as president, Ms. Golding will continue to serve as board secretary, a role she has held since 2019. Under Ms. Golding’s leadership, SCAN Health is well positioned to accelerate opportunities to advance supply chain resilience in healthcare systems that will strengthen work environments, advance quality and safety of care for patients, and contribute to Canada’s economic growth. The organization’s current mandate is to establish a Community of Practice to advance supply chain resilience in health systems funded by the Government of Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council partnership grant, awarded to Dr. Anne Snowdon as principal investigator of the project, and SCAN Health’s Scientific Director and CEO.

“The Community of Practice brings stakeholders together to co-design collaborative solutions that advance supply chain resilience, build capacity for domestic suppliers, inform policy, strengthen workforce sustainability and achieve equitable healthcare outcomes. As president, I am committed to working with the many exceptional leaders from government, industry, healthcare, academia and citizens to design and implement supply chain solutions that will revolutionize health system performance to ensure safe and quality care for all Canadians,” says Ms. Golding.

Her predecessor, Ms. Huston, served as president for four years and treasurer for two years during SCAN Health’s inception. Ms. Huston, who served as the President of Cardinal Health Canada, was instrumental in securing strategic partners from her many years as an industry leader that advanced and strengthened SCAN Health. Under her exceptional leadership, SCAN Health’s mandate has evolved from mobilizing knowledge to turning knowledge into actionable solutions that will transform supply chains into a strategic asset that achieves resilience, sustainability and equity in health systems. SCAN Health extends its sincere gratitude to Ms. Huston for her many years of dedicated support, valuable expertise, and insightful contributions. Ms. Huston will continue to contribute as an integral member of the Community of Practice.

“It has been a privilege to serve as SCAN Health’s president and work alongside so many extraordinary partners, diverse stakeholders, board colleagues and SCAN Health team members to advance strategic supply chain resilience for Canadian health systems,” says Ms. Huston. “While it has been rewarding to see the progress made, there is much yet to be done to improve the healthcare supply chain. I am confident that the organization will continue to prosper and grow with Ms. Lynne Golding and Dr. Anne Snowdon’s leadership.”