Dr. Anne Snowdon joined the SCMAO Healthcare Supply Chain and Procurement Leadership Series 3.0 webinar as a keynote speaker to discuss the topic of Advancing Supply Chain Resilience for Canadian Health Systems. She shared various implications related to the pandemic’s impact on the capacity and agility of the Canadian healthcare supply chain to manage unprecedented demands to support the health and wellness of Canadians and the health workforce. 

Dr. Anne Snowdon shared the strategy for the nearly $2.5 million new project that will help seek solutions to improve Canada’s healthcare supply chain to ensure Canada is well prepared for disruptions or pandemic events in future. The session included critical lessons learned, and potential opportunities to strengthen supply chain resilience.

The key takeaways from Dr. Anne Snowdon’s Advancing Supply Chain Resilience session include: 1) Limited data and infrastructure have resulted in a lack of transparency, creating one of the most profound limitations across all provinces.
 2) Lack of standardization of products and their data has resulted in the fragility of supply chains across Canada.
 3) if future pandemics occur, it is vital to reflect on asking the question, “How do we identify risks in the higher-risk population.”
 4) An emerging trend of supply chain resiliency is the shift from just in time.
 5) Prioritizing the domestic supplier sourcing and indigenous-led company sourcing
 6) Data-informed leadership is more important than ever. However, it needs to be coordinated and collaborative.
 7) It is crucial to advance supply chain resilience across Canadian health and community systems in order to strengthen post-pandemic recovery in Canada.