Dr. Anne Snowdon joins Huge Moves in a new interview to share her perspective on the global supply chain crisis, exposing challenges in the system of delivering goods.   

  Long before Covid-19, Dr. Snowdon recognized that the health supply chain systems were highly vulnerable to breakdown in a calamity such as a pandemic. As a result, the supply chain challenges were anticipated to adversely impact essential resource allocation activities and delivery of critical supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE). As the pandemic emerged, the risks and complexities of managing supply chain disruptions escalated further.  

 “At the end of supply chain is human life; my definition of supply chain is who lived, who died. The piece we have been missing is outcomes. In order to track outcomes, you need an automated digital infrastructure,” Dr. Snowdon explains. 

  Dr. Snowdon also explains the importance of advancing supply chain resilience across Canadian health and building a robust data infrastructure to strengthen post-pandemic recovery in Canada. Through SCAN Health, Dr. Snowdon is looking to address this critical need by forming a Community of Practice (CoP) to support sharing knowledge and expertise across the many stakeholders and partners. The CoP will facilitate new opportunities for knowledge mobilization (KM) strategies that strengthen supply chain resilience, collaboration and coordination across jurisdictions. 


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