SCAN Health is pleased to provide its partners with access to a knowledge Mobilization platform that enables collaboration, coordination, and communication within the community of practice (CoP) for health supply chain resilience. The purpose of this tool is to establish a formalized knowledge mobilization and research platform to connect, inform and mobilize the collective expertise of healthcare supply chain stakeholders across Canada including researchers, industry, healthcare, government and citizen advocacy groups to share their domains of knowledge. 

“There is much we can learn from one another across our various disciplines and geographies. It is critical we share new findings, innovative breakthroughs, successes and also our failures,” says Dr. Anne Snowdon, CEO and Scientific Director of SCAN Health. “This virtual platform enables us to capitalize on our learnings by sharing successes to achieve value-based outcomes in the health sector and for our citizens.” 

With a culture of learning and sharing fostered among stakeholders, the CoP is enabled to co-design collaborative supply chain models, practices and measurement tools. Solutions will be validated and scaled across Canadian health systems for long-term impact of safety, efficiency, and sustainability.  

The launch of this online tool marks a critical milestone for SCAN Health in its first year to build a CoP for health supply chain resilience. The CoP partnership is supported by the Government of Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

SCAN Health gratefully acknowledges HIMSS for supplying this platform to support the CoP.