Dr. Anne Snowdon joined the C3.0 Summit on Clinical Governance in Digital Health as a keynote speaker to share her experiences and insights on digital health implementations and thoughts for the future.  

Hosted by the Australia Digital Health Agency, Dr. Snowdon led a session on the Role of Clinical Governance in Advancing Digital Health Transformation in Global Health Systems. Specifically, she uncovered the current challenges that global health systems are experiencing in the post-pandemic era of COVID-19. This presentation focused on exploring international perspectives on the growth in demands for care, the challenge of workforce sustainability, shifts in consumer expectations, and the uncertainty and disruption in the global supply chain. A discussion was facilitated on how clinical governance contributes to advancing and accelerating digital transformation to strengthen health system performance, resilience and preparedness. 

Alongside other key thought leaders, Dr. Snowdon explored the next iteration of clinical governance in digital health, designed to facilitate a better understanding of the shared responsibility of safety, quality and continuous improvement. She described the importance of using Digital Health Indicators (DHI) to measure progress towards digital health ecosystems. This discussion presented a new perspective related to ecosystems connecting clinicians and provider teams with people.  Consequently, it enables them to manage health and wellness using digital tools in a secure and private environment where care is needed. Considering this information, utilizing DHI presents high value when designing operational and care delivery processes that are outcomes-driven to ensure sustainable, long-term performance.  

Watch Dr.Snowdon's session here.