Expanding Health and Wellness Approaches in the Retail Pharmacy Environment

Dr. Snowdon partnered with a leading international retail chain and a Canadian insurance company to investigate innovative approaches to building capacity for health and wellness services in the retail pharmacy environment. This study examined how retail pharmacy settings engage consumers in health and wellness services to explore the potential for retail pharmacy to build capacity for health care services in communities.

Health care systems are struggling to meet demands for quality services that are accessible to consumers in their own community. The role of pharmacists in retail settings was found to be one of “trusted advisor” where consumers build long term relationships with their pharmacists to seek advice and validate whether they are receiving quality care that meets their needs.

Over 1000 consumers participated in this study and described their experiences and perceptions regarding pharmacy services in retail settings. Findings indicate there are unique population segments that rely on pharmacists as a resource and clinician they engage for health and wellness care to support quality of life. Pharmacist and dietician roles in retail settings were investigated for the potential to strengthen quality and access to health care services in communities through patient engagement with a focus on health and wellness.

This demonstration project created evidence for the emerging role of pharmacists in the retail environment which demonstrated opportunity for access to care in a setting that is part of the day to day lives of consumers in their communities to build capacity for health and wellness care in communities.

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