Building Capacity for Supply Chain Innovation to Achieve Economic Value for Canadian Companies

The healthcare industry has become a global business whose future sustainability will rely on advanced manufacturing of devices and pharmaceutical products that can achieve disruption to the current labour intensive service delivery systems. In order for adoption of advanced technologies to be successful, supply chains, distribution networks and business processes will need to be transformed in health systems to allow Canadian companies to access health markets previously inaccessible to them.

The goal of this initiative is to create capacity for supply chain innovations in Canadian health systems through partnerships and collaborative research across sectors.  Key outcomes include:

  • Collaboration across an established, national, inter-sectorial network of supply chain and logistics partners across seven Canadian provinces.
  • Knowledge synthesis of current empirical evidence for supply chain strategies and use of global standards in health systems, in Canada and globally

A multi-sector network with capacity to design, implement, and evaluate global supply chain innovation and economic impact for Canadian companies and policy makers

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