Establishing a Health Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation is a key priority for health systems as they are challenged to meet growing demands for services while working with limited fiscal resources to do so. The WIN team has designed and implemented a health innovation ecosystem in a specific region in Canada. The focus of this project is to build capacity for innovation adoption that is scaled across the entire health care continuum in a defined region.

The project includes an innovation leadership program, specially designed to build capacity for leading innovation across the ecosystem, a research methodology to create the evidence for the impact of innovation within the ecosystem, and a strategy to design models for scalability of innovations, that have demonstrated value for provincial health systems. The project activities include leadership development, health system capacity building for scalable innovation solutions, and a series of innovation demonstration projects that engage health organizations, industry partners, policy makers, and academic research teams in a collaborative partnership.

The ecosystem strategy will identify the key conditions for supporting innovation across the continuum of health care, and the strategy for scaling innovations across the ecosystem to achieve economic value for Canada.

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