Leveraging International Best Practices to Achieve an Innovative Youth Mental Health Strategy in Canada

Innovative approaches to enhancing mental health and wellness services are a major priority in jurisdictions across Canada and globally. Youth, in particular, are a key population that experience high rates of mental health challenges, yet struggle to access services when and where they are most needed. Youth mental health is a pervasive and highly significant challenge for global health systems. 70% of all mental illnesses begin during childhood and youth.

This project represents a major opportunity for game changing innovations that offer accessible youth mental health services that integrate health, education, social services, justice to identify youth at risk, intervene early to prevent more severe outcomes that continue into adulthood, and offer services which are supportive of youth and their families. Integrated services that engage youth directly, offer support and empowerment, and are available and easily accessed can strengthen the capacity for health systems to more effectively meet the needs of youth, Canada’s next generation.

This project is working collaboratively with a national consortium of mental health experts, organizations and private sector partners to advance the development and implementation of integrated youth mental health services across Canada.