Odette School of Business announces three renowned professors to join WIN

The Odette School of Business is pleased to announce key additions to the academic team that will drive results at the newly-launched World Health Innovation Network (WIN). These Adjunct Faculty members will apply a range of disciplines with the goal of advancing health system sustainability and economic growth that will deliver tangible health care benefits to all Canadians, and value to innovative Canadian companies.

“It is a pleasure to welcome this impressive group of health care experts to WIN,” states Dr. H. Allan Conway, Dean, Odette School of Business. “Consistent with the Odette Experience Strategy we are, step-by-step, creating a model through WIN where rich interactions between industry leaders, faculty and students will lead to demonstrable health system innovation on both sides of the border.”

WIN’s main areas of focus includes supporting globally recognized research demonstrating value for the health sector, helping to ensure that Canadian discoveries and innovations are accessed by key enablers necessary for adoption and scalability in health systems both domestically and internationally. Through mentorship and scholarship, this newly-announced academic team will nuture highly skilled, specialized entrepreneurs and professionals, building capacity for advancing innovative health systems, processes and technologies.

“These renowned thought-leaders bring extraordinary credentials and a broad base of expertise to the faculty which is reflective of WIN’s interdisciplinary approach to solving the complex challenges of our health care system,” notes Dr. Anne Snowdon, Chair, Odette World Health Innovation Network. “We look forward to their individual and collective contributions to the WIN mandate, which are highly anticipated and will no doubt be transformative.”

The Odette School of Business welcomes the following individuals to WIN academic team:

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Pierre-Gerlier Forest

Current Professor and Director of John Hopkins’ Institute for Health and Social Policy, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A and Effective March 1, 2016 - Director and James S. and Barbara A. Palmer Chair for The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Dr. Kathleen MacMillan

BSc, MA, MSc, PhD Director and Professor of the School of Nursing, Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Dr. V.K. Singh

MBBS, MHA, MPhil Managing Director, InnovatioCuris Director - Asia Simpler- Lean Health Care Excellence, New Delhi, India

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