Longwoods publishes WIN case studies on innovation procurement in health systems

Ground-breaking case studies by the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) are featured in Longwoods Publishing Corporation’s latest issue of Healthcare Quarterly

The cases provide a unique focus on innovation procurement in health systems. As rising healthcare costs continue to challenge the sustainability of global health systems there has been a strategic shift toward a focus on value that considers the outcomes and value of healthcare delivery relative to the costs of care delivery. A unique feature of the focus on value has influenced a shift in procurement whereby health organizations are advancing the procurement of innovative solutions to achieve defined outcomes that overcome challenges such as the quality, safety and cost of care delivery.

Under the leadership of Dr. Anne Snowdon, the authors report on the implementation of three innovation procurement models in four Ontario healthcare organizations. These case studies provide evidence of the value and impact of innovation procurement approaches emerging from the four healthcare organizations. Evidence of the value and impact of procuring innovative solutions to address health organization challenges offers insights and new approaches to leveraging public procurement methodologies to achieve value and impact for health systems.

WIN conducts research with leading organizations to create the real-world evidence of the impact and value of innovation procurement and supply chain transformation in health systems. 

Please click here to access: Innovation Procurement in Health Systems: Exploring Practice and Lessons Learned

Please click here to access: Case Study: Innovation Procurement for a Cardiac Program

Please click here to access: Case Study: Innovation Procurement for a “Smart” Privacy Solution

Please click here to access: Case Study: Innovation Procurement for a Digital Services Platform

Please click here to access: Case Study: Innovation Procurement for a Patient and Caregiver Support Solution in the Home



The World Health Innovation Network (WIN) is based at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor. WIN brokers partnerships between key stakeholders to source, embed and scale innovations in health systems. WIN develops the evidence of impact and scalability across health systems and disseminates this information to accelerate health system transformation, drive economic growth and improve patient outcomes.


Longwoods publishes academic and scientific research related to health sciences and healthcare. Leaders in healthcare management, practice, education, research and product development find Longwoods a fundamental resource for innovations, knowledge and learning. We are thrilled that they are publishing our research within their distinguished journal.


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