Recognizing Exceptional Canadian Nurses at the 2019 Canadian Nurses Foundation’s Nightingale Gala

On May 9, the Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF) Nightingale Gala celebrated Canadian nurses’ outstanding contributions to driving change that helps Canadians lead healthy and prosperous lives. The University of Windsor was pleased to support such a significant event recognizing nursing leadership, research and education across our nation.

In the venerated role as the 2019 Gala Honorary Chair, Dr. Anne Snowdon, Professor, Odette School of Business, University of Windsor shares that the future of healthcare stands on our ability to mobilize the specialized expertise of nurses to achieve transformational change that drives sustainable, high performing health systems capable of improving the health and well-being of us all. She reflected that nursing leadership has never more crucial to creating a vision that inspires, leadership that co-designs our future with patients, families and communities, the resilience to overcome challenges and the capacity for innovation to drive new models of care that improve value for Canadians.

“Nurses empower and liberate capacity for incredible achievements that both strengthen practice and health systems worldwide. Nurses understand the whole person and how to improve quality of life. They are masterful negotiators powerfully focused on attaining only the best outcomes, by working collaboratively with their colleagues and those in their care. Nurses embrace research to inform their practice and innovation to realize their goals. Further, their unique vision, leadership style, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, focused on population health, is essential to transforming our health systems to meet needs now and into the 21st century,” says Dr. Snowdon.

Nurses are the key to transforming our world, to empowering every citizen to achieve their personal health and wellness goals guided by their individual values. It is nurses’ time to lead, to transform and to inspire the next generation of Canadians to design a proud, impactful, sustainable and healthy future.

Dr. Snowdon was joined by esteemed colleagues, friends and family paying tribute to our Canadian nurses from coast to coast.

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