TODAY every Industry is a Tech Industry… Except Healthcare – Keynote Address, Great Lakes Economic Forum 2019

Dr. Anne Snowdon, Academic Chair, World Health Innovation Network (WIN) and Scientific Director, Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health), presents a keynote address at the Great Lakes Economic Forum May 7th, 2019 Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

The Council of the Great Lakes Region’s Economic Forum 2019 brings together thought leaders and decision makers from business, government, academia and non-governmental organizations in Canada and the U.S. to capitalize on the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region’s strategic policy, research and economic advantages.

Dr. Snowdon’s address, TODAY every Industry is a Tech Industry… Except Healthcare, highlights the economic opportunity of healthcare as the largest business sector in the world. This sector is widely expected to grow as populations age, chronic illness increases and demand for services expand beyond our capacity to sustain them. The exponential growth and demands faced by health systems offers an unprecedented opportunity for Canada-U.S. collaboration that could fuel the growth of the “intangible” economy to contribute to the Great Lakes Region’s economic growth and improve healthcare for populations worldwide.  By leveraging the unique capacity, skills and expertise in business, digital health infrastructure, policy and research in the region we can harness and capitalize on the “intangible” economy driving both prosperity and improved population health.

“Our future will be led by those that harness data to create the “intangible” services, technologies and business models to improve the health of global populations,” says Dr. Snowdon. “Technologies that transform health system’s rich data into knowledge will empower predictive and proactive analytical tools that ensure the best health outcomes for every citizen.” This is can be rapidly achieved by engaging the expertise of health systems, entrepreneurial companies, policy makers and academia to create evidence-based results that drive economic growth, improve health system sustainability and advance population health outcomes.

The Great Lakes Region is known as North America’s economic engine accounting for roughly 28 per cent of economic activity and nearly 30 per cent of the workforce in Canada and the U.S. The healthcare sector is one of the largest sectors in the region offering an unparalleled opportunity for the Canadian and the American health systems to collaborate and learn from each other. The region’s automotive sector and well established entrepreneurial ecosystems present a unique opportunity to harness and leverage expertise and knowledge from a highly successful and innovative sector into healthcare. Dr. Snowdon’s presentation highlights how our success as a bi-national economic region can be boosted by collaboration between our countries within the region and these sectors.

To learn more about how to create a more favourable climate for commerce, trade, investment and innovation in the Great Lakes Region while improving the prosperity, health and well-being of citizens by leveraging the “intangible” health economy, please visit this link.

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