Paving Roads and Navigating Summits

The Silk Road – that ancient network of vital routes that definitively shaped trade and culture throughout Asia – functioned through mutual trust and collaboration between countries. Ideas and innovations, products and policies all filtered throughout this network and connected nations. Now in the 21st century, such information thoroughfares are no less vital to fostering critical deep-seated, cross-border collaboration.

Dr. Anne Snowdon, Chair, and Lori Turik, Executive Director, at the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) participated in the inaugural Canada-US Health Summit in Washington, DC. The goal of this event was to identify Canadian and American health system trends that present the most significant opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange. The profound potential of Health Information Technology was the reoccurring theme.

“Today, the major roadblock to widespread advancement of Health Information Technology is interoperability and transparency across systems,” stated Dr. Snowdon. “WIN is actively engaged in driving partnerships between key leaders in industry, government, health systems, consumer groups, and academia focused on building a ‘cross-border health roadway’ that will enable adoption of essential innovation in both Canada and the U.S. The creation of these relationships is the first step required to advance the scalability of health innovations across the border.”

WIN collaborator Hal Wolf elaborated upon Dr. Snowdon’s remarks, stating “Enhanced collaboration between the public and private sectors will accelerate this much-needed health information transparency across systems to deliver economic growth as well as sustainability of health systems, improving health outcomes. Our focus needs to on making it easier to do the right thing for our citizens and their health needs.”

Modern roadways must be paved, and WIN looks forward to fostering the connections and innovation needed to help us all navigate these greater summits.

Pictured above: Anne Snowdon, Chair of the World Health Innovation Network and Hal Wolf, Director, The Chartis Group,Information and Digital Health Straegy Leader; Vice Chair elect Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

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