Dr. Anne Snowdon presents at the Week of Health INNovation 2018 in Odense, Denmark

Dr. Anne Snowdon, Scientific Director, Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health and Academic Chair, World Health Innovation Network, presents at the upcoming Week of Health INNovation 2018 (WHINN) in Odense, Denmark from October 9-11. WHINN is an international health tech and health innovation conference which attracts business people, decision makers, policy makers, clinicians, end-users and people with a general interest in healthcare and health innovation.

Dr. Snowdon’s session titled 'Logistics of the future - How can supply chain maturity and infrastructure in clinical settings advance quality, patient safety and clinical outcomes?' will show how hospitals can reap significant benefits by integrating supply chain technologies and processes into clinical settings. This way they achieve traceability of care outcomes while working systematically with their supply chain teams in a novel strategy developed by SCAN Health, a global network of partners from industry, academia, health systems, and government. The session will also feature presentations on how traceability and automation of pharmacy processes have helped improve performance and patient safety in hospital systems.

The session is featured in the WHINN Track 3: 'Sustainable Hospitals - Hospitals of the future: "health factories" or "wellness facilities"?' and takes on October 10 from 9:55 – 11:10 AM local time.

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