Dr. Anne Snowdon Speaks on the Regulatory Environment for Medical Cannabis in the Year 2030

As part of the inaugural Medical Cannabis Week in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Anne Snowdon joined a 360º roundtable discussion on medical cannabis policy convened by Blakes on Wednesday, May 23.

Cannabis is one of many therapeutic products on the market today, but it is unique in that the evidence of value and outcomes of cannabis for population segments is limited. Dr. Snowdon discussed the opportunity for the Canadian Cannabis sector to establish global leadership in demonstrating value and outcomes of Medical Cannabis for populations.

“Canada is one of the very few jurisdictions in the world that offer a unique identification number (health card number) for every citizen, which could be leveraged to track and trace every Medical Cannabis product to individual patients to identify outcomes, traced right back to the content of the Cannabis product,” says Dr. Snowdon. “This essentially creates what could be the first country in the world to establish real world evidence that documents what medical cannabis products offer in terms of value for specific patient segments, and under what conditions the value is achieved.”

With Canada’s current infrastructure, Dr. Snowdon describes Canada’s potential to not only be a global leader in this sector but could also become the global "beta test country" for new products and therapies by creating the real world evidence and documenting the specific products which offer the greatest value for unique patient population segments. Dr. Snowdon believes Canada is well positioned for market growth in the Medical Cannabis market if they deliver robust, real-world evidence of value.

Joining Dr. Snowdon for the roundtable discussion Laura Weinrib, Blakes; Ronan Levy, SVP, Business and Corporate Affairs at Aurora Cannabis Inc.; Sean Samuel, Director of Sales, Cannabis OneFive; and Hamish Sutherland, President & CEO, White Sheep Corp.

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