World Health Innovation Network Announces New Advisory Council Chair

The World Health Innovation Network (WIN) is delighted to announce the appointment of Jodi L.H. Butts as Advisory Council Chair. Martha Huston, WIN’s founding Chair, has retired after spearheading the very successful creation and exponential growth of WIN.

Butts is a current member of the WIN Advisory Council and a pioneer in health sector innovation. Most recently as CEO, she successfully led the ground-breaking development and expansion of RISE Asset Development, a sustainable alternative financing model for promoting entrepreneurial opportunities and support for people with mental health and addiction challenges. She continues to serve on the boards of Canada Goose, Bayshore Healthcare, Walrus Foundation, Aereus Technologies Inc. and the University of Windsor.

“Jodi is an entrepreneur and exceptional leader. We believe her substantial experience in the health sector driving sustainability, along with her commitment to the economic growth of Canadian companies and focus on impactful research and education will be extremely valuable as WIN continues to expand our reach and impact worldwide,” says WIN’s Academic Chair Dr. Anne Snowdon. “We are honoured that Jodi will assume the position of Chair and has agreed to lead our strong Council who provide us with such a breadth of experience and expertise.”

“As Chair, this is a terrific opportunity to share the journey of innovation among Canadian health systems, as well as the local Windsor story,” says Butts. “WIN’s work is rigorous and demonstrates what it means to implement system transformations required to address the major challenges in health systems that engages such a matrix of stakeholders. I look forward to contributing in my new role as chair to drive value and impact for Canadians.”

Butts explains that one of the most wonderful things about being a part of WIN’s Advisory Council is working with such an eminent group of colleagues and leaders, from such diverse sectors, who come together to solve a common problem. “It is unique to have experts from finance, venture capital, policy, academia and private sector who work in digital and supply chain solutions jointly with health sector leaders to collectively bring the practical experience to driving transformation,” says Butts. “It’s truly an incredible opportunity to bring together all these visionary leaders. The engagement of this extensive and diverse expertise brings out the best in thought leadership and innovation to drive valuable and impactful change for Canadians and health systems globally.”

Three major initiatives Butts highlights as examples of WIN rigorous achievements include the published case study series, The Impact of Supply Chain Innovation in Health Systems; the recently announced collaboration with HIMMS Analytics to accelerate the development and launch of evidence-based tools to support supply chain transformation in global health systems; and the academic partnership with SCALE.AI, a Supercluster that will catapult Canada’s leadership in AI enabled supply chain in the health sector to improve patient safety, health system sustainability and Canadian prosperity.

“Resource constraints in healthcare can make it difficult for people,” says Butts of the value of these projects. “What these initiatives do is take supply chain to the door of healthcare systems and provide evidence-based research to demonstrate what we are able to achieve. It’s fantastic to see WIN leading that.”

“It is a huge privilege and honour,” says Butts of returning to her alma mater, the University of Windsor. “It was absolutely the foundation of learning, from such an incredible faculty, and the really diverse, smart and savvy students that I sat beside in classrooms that laid the foundation for my future. Being on this Council is an incredible opportunity to give back, it’s really a very small amount in comparison to what I gained and experienced.”


Established in 2015, The World Health Innovation Network (WIN) is based at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor, under the leadership of world renowned researcher, Dr. Anne Snowdon. WIN brokers partnerships between key stakeholders to source, embed and scale innovations in health systems. WIN develops the evidence of impact and value of innovation to inform scalability across health systems and disseminates this evidence to accelerate health system transformation, drive economic growth and improve patient outcomes.

The WIN Advisory Council is comprised of highly respected global business and health system leaders who contribute to the Odette School of Business and University of Windsor to advance research excellence, world class leadership education and knowledge generation to accelerate health system sustainability and economic growth in Canada, the U.S. and globally.

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