Dr. Anne Snowdon travels to Australia to strengthen global partnerships

Dr. Anne Snowdon joined world-renowned thought leaders at the Commonwealth Innovation Forum 2018 (TCIF) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. TCIF is a forum showcasing examples across the Commonwealth of how innovation feeds, fuels and heals the Commonwealth people.

Dr. Snowdon participated on the TCIF panel Women of the Commonwealth: Driving Innovation. Joined by executive women in leadership from Commonwealth nations, the panel discussed public policy and governance impact on innovation initiatives and how these opportunities will be explored by the elected officials and key public policy proponents from across the Commonwealth.

While in Australia, Dr. Snowdon visited surrounding areas to meet with key leaders from government, health systems, academia and the private sector to exchange information and expertise to accelerate the implementation of healthcare supply chain best practices around the world.

To view photos from Dr. Snowdon’s presentations and meetings, please click here

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