HIMSS Analytics Announces Collaboration to Advance Supply Chain Capacity in Global Health Systems


Las Vegas, NV, March 6, 2018 – HIMSS Analytics® is pleased to announce a collaboration with Dr. Anne Snowdon, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Chair of the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) and CEO of the Supply Chain Advancement Network (SCAN Health) located at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Through this unique initiative HIMSS Analytics will accelerate the development and launch of evidence-based tools to support supply chain transformation in global health systems.

“This collaboration is an extraordinary opportunity to build on HIMSS Analytics’ strengths to improve health through information and technology, and its mission to globally lead endeavors optimizing health engagements and care outcomes,” said Hal Wolf, III, FHIMSS, President and CEO, HIMSS. “As technology solutions become increasingly integrated the ability to leverage supply chain tools, processes and information across global health systems becomes essential to improve performance and population health outcomes.”

Dr. Snowdon is leading an extensive program of research at WIN, creating empirical evidence of the impact and value of supply chain maturity in health systems. Through her research she works with industry and health systems to design predictive artificial intelligence tools that support clinicians and assess the maturity of supply chain infrastructure across healthcare organizations. Dr. Snowdon has developed a ground-breaking supply chain maturity tool Health - Supply Information Maturity Management (H-SIMM) to support health organizations to assess their progress towards a strategic supply chain infrastructure that contributes to quality, safety and sustainability.

HIMSS Analytics will collaborate with Dr. Snowdon working with her research team to validate the innovative tool, disseminate the findings, and launch the H-SIMM. “Building on our strong foundation we believe that working with Dr. Snowdon will create capacity to scale supply chain innovation generating value for global health systems and populations,” explains Blain Newton, Executive Vice President HIMSS Analytics.

“Partnering with HIMSS gives us tremendous reach into healthcare systems to accelerate the adoption of leading supply chain best practices and to amplify knowledge exchange to improve performance, safety and health outcomes” explains Dr. Anne Snowdon. “By working together with our combined members and partners around the world we believe we can advance knowledge and impact of supply chain maturity in health systems."

At the HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV March 5-9, HIMSS Analytics and Dr. Snowdon will present the H-SIMM supply chain maturity model.

To learn more, visit HIMSS Analytics at booth #1338 at the Venetian Palazzo Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV.


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