SCALE.AI selected for federal funding through Innovation Supercluster Initiative

WIN is proud to be an academic partner of SCALE.AI. This newly announced Supercluster will catapult Canada’s leadership in AI enabled supply chain in the health sector improving patient safety, health system sustainability and Canadian prosperity.

Medical error is now the third leading cause of death in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. “Transparency through an AI enabled supply chain is the new currency that will achieve highly accountable, safe, continuously learning, sustainable health systems” explains Dr. Anne Snowdon, Academic Chair, WIN, and Scientific Director & CEO, Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health).

The World Health Innovation Network (WIN) conducts research on the impact and models for scalable health system supply chain innovation to track and trace products from bench to bedside, to patients, based on global standards. WIN’s goal is to generate empirical knowledge and key learnings about the value of supply chain implementation in health systems across global jurisdictions.

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