Odette School of Business announces the latest key additions to the WIN team

The Odette School of Business is pleased to announce the newest additions to the academic team that will drive results at the World Health Innovation Network (WIN). These esteemed Adjunct Faculty members and Health Leaders-in-Residence bring with them vast expertise in numerous disciplines that will strengthen the goal of advancing health system sustainability and economic growth. These experts will join forces to develop tangible health care benefits to all Canadians, as well as value to innovative Canadian companies.

“We are thrilled to welcome the newest members of our growing team of extremely talented and dedicated health care professionals to WIN,” says Dr. H. Allan Conway, Dean, Odette School of Business. “Through this group of Adjunct Faculty members and Health Leaders-in-Residence, we are continuing to build bridges between industry leaders, our faculty, and our students – both in Canada and in the U.S.”

Through mentorship and scholarship, the growing WIN academic team will continue to cultivate a field of highly skilled, specialized entrepreneurs and professionals to build capacity for advancing innovative health products, processes and technologies. “These groups of experts bring with them unique skillsets and credentials which add great value to WIN’s approach to solving the complex challenges facing health systems,” says Dr. Anne Snowdon, Chair, Odette World Health Innovation Network. “We are already anticipating the significant contribution these key team members will provide to WIN accomplishing its important mandate.”

WIN’s main areas of focus include supporting world-leading research to provide value for the health sector, helping to ensure that Canadian discoveries and innovations have access to the key enablers necessary for adoption and scalability in health systems both in North America and abroad. With this distinguished team of professionals, WIN moves forward in building a legacy of influence with an impact that will shape the future of health systems in Canada and around the world.

The Odette School of Business welcomes the following individuals to the WIN academic team:

Adjunct Faculty

Iris Ko, MBA, has a proven track record in excellence and delivery. She has received multiple Ministry of Finance Stella Awards among other awards of excellence. Following a distinguished career in the Ontario government, she currently serves as a professor in Georgian College’s Research Analyst Postgraduate Program.

Dr. Donald E. Lighter, MD, MBA has nearly 40 years’ experience in the health care industry and currently serves as a professor and core faculty for the Physicians’ Executive MBA program at the University of Tennessee and as Director of The Institute for Healthcare Quality Research and Education.

Dr. Tom McGowan, BSc, MD, MBA, has served on numerous provincial and national committees and currently serves as the managing director of The Cancer Centre Bahamas and of The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean.

Dr. Dave Williams, MD, Canadian astronaut and physician, is currently the President and CEO of Southlake Regional Heath Centre and Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto.

For complete biographies of our Adjunct Faculty, please click here.


Health Leaders-In-Residence

Dr. Elaine Chin, MD, MBA, is a North American leader in personalized medicine and is the founder of Executive Health Centre. Currently she serves as the Chief Wellness Officer at TELUS Communications.

Sarah Padfield, BA, MPA, is a recognized health system innovation leader who has built and supported transformational technology, system and quality of care projects both within her organization and across the Erie St. Clair region. Currently she serves as Chief Operating Officer of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance.

James Phillips, MBA, is a distinguished businessman and speaker who holds degrees in Accounting, an MBA in Corporate Management and is an Honorary Doctor of Commercial Science. He has received numerous awards of distinction and is now President and Chief Executive Officer of CAN/AM Border Trade Alliance.

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About the World Health Innovation Network (WIN)
WIN partners with health system stakeholders to source innovation and create the evidence for value, upon which it then develops models for scalability to embed innovative technologies, products and models of care in health systems to achieve value for Canadians and drive economic growth for innovators. For more information, visit www.worldhealthinnovationnetwork.com.

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