John Horwood




Toronto, Canada

Current position:

Director, Wealth Management & Investment Advisor, Richardson GMP

John Horwood  Since 1987, John has demonstrated investment leadership with a passion for helping people do smart things with their money. John is a disciplined, experienced Advisor and an extraordinarily successful investor. He personalizes investment strategies to maximize gains, minimize risk and save tax. John attributes his success and longevity to being an early adopter of new investment ideas, with a focus on minimizing tax. John, and the Horwood Team, invest in the core strategies that they recommend to their clients whenever possible. He is proud of his stellar reputation and clean compliance record. John acts with integrity and always places clients first – serving them with excellence. John is a philanthropist who offers mentorship and governance along with money. In 2010, John and Rebecca joined forces with like-minded families to create Stronger Together, a partnership foundation.

John began his career in 1975 as a Chartered Accountant in Perth, Australia. He worked on international assignments on 3 continents before immigrating to Canada in 1977. John then transferred to ­finance and treasury functions and worked for 10 years for a major international mining company. He met and married his Investment Advisor, Rebecca, in 1985; two years later he joined her at then Richardson Greenshields and together they created one of Canada’s most successful wealth advisory teams. John served on the board of directors for Richardson Greenshields, Richardson Partners Financial (founding partner - 2003) and Richardson GMP.

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