Dr. Elaine Chin




Toronto, Canada

Current position:

Founder, Executive Health Centre, Innovation Health Group | Chief Wellness Officer, TELUS Communications

Dr. Elaine Chin, MD, MBA is a North American trailblazer of personalized medicine. Using leading edge diagnostic tools to support her goal, she has discovered the power of telomere science to support her claim that everyone can help themselves live longer, perform better – and feel younger too.

She is the founder of Executive Health Centre, a premiere executive health practice in Toronto, Canada focusing on peak performance through an integrative science based approach to maintaining optimal health. She works with senior executives and corporations to ensure peak health will lead to peak performance in the workplace. Her clinic’s work has been highlighted in the Globe & Mail, Macleans and CTV National News. Her writing has appeared in Maclean’s and Canadian Business.

She is also a consultant for TELUS Communications, in the role of Chief Wellness Officer. Dr. Chin received her medical degree from the University of Toronto, Canada and her MBA from the same university’s Rotman School of Management.

In September 2015, Dr. Chin became the author of her first health and wellness book, Lifelines.

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