SCAN Health’s Design Competition achieves “a single source of truth” for product data in US health systems

BATON ROUGE, LA (October 22, 2019) - The Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health) is pleased to announce Symmetric Health Solutions is the winner of the 2019 SCAN Health Design Competition. 

In partnership with the Healthcare Transformation Group (HTG) and sponsored by Intalere, the competition provided the opportunity for innovative healthcare companies and organizations to design a real-world solution to achieve “a single source of truth” for product data in health systems. Teams were challenged to create an integrated supply chain data infrastructure that fosters seamless information exchange, and enables tracking and traceability of care processes, products used in care, and the patient outcomes achieved. 

Mr. Kevin Capatch, Director of Supply Chain Technology and Processes Engineering at Geisinger Health System, and Dr. Jove Graham, Associate Professor at the Center for Pharmacy Innovation and Outcomes at Geisinger Health System awarded Symmetric first place today.

“The SCAN Health Design Competition provided HTG with a unique opportunity to connect with industry’s innovative leaders who drive transformative change in the healthcare supply chain,” says Mr. Capatch. “HTG is committed to providing a common language to identify, capture and share supply chain data thereby ensuring information is accessible, accurate and easy to understand. The solution presented by Symmetric recognizes this vision and enables us to create a single source of truth.” 

The solution developed by Symmetric demonstrates the evidence of impact we can achieve by implementing a practical solution that enables the consolidation and synchronization of product data currently held in multiple registries. Combined with HTG member systems’ supply chain data, this solution provides unmatched visibility, integrity and interoperability of industry-wide data.

“We are thrilled that Symmetric was selected as the winner of this design competition and grateful for the opportunity to connect with HTG leaders,” says Rich Kucera, CEO of Symmetric. “Our team’s efforts to pursue innovation by securing clean data is rooted in an understanding that the adoption of standards in global health systems will improve health system performance and patient outcomes.”

Proposals were adjudicated by an international panel of judges including experts in supply chain, logistics and health system transformation. Judges include Dr. Randy Bradley, Associate Professor, Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee; Mr. Richard Mackey, SVP Information Technology, Intalere; Mr. Graham Medwell, Healthcare Product Strategist, Virtual Stock; Mr. Matt Mentel, CEO and Strategic Partner, Strategic Optimization and Innovation Partners LLC; Mr. Jitendra Prasad, Chief Program Officer, Contracting, Procurement & Supply Management, Alberta Health Services; Mr. Mike Schiller, Vice President, Healthcare Engagement, SteriTrack; and Ms. Dale Weil, Managing Director, Montreal Institute for Palliative Care.

SCAN Health thanks all teams that participated and submitted a solution. This decision recognizes submissions based on the current design challenge. The SCAN Health Design Competition offers a unique opportunity for participating companies to collaborate with health system leaders on a real-world challenge affecting healthcare globally using supply chain strategy and logistics processes. Visit for updates and announcements on the final cycle of the SCAN Health Design Competition. 


SCAN Health is an international knowledge translation platform funded by the Government of Canada, Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) and hosted by the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business. Spanning five countries, including Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada – and with over one hundred partners from industry, healthcare, government and academia – SCAN Health will mobilize supply chain best practices to track health products and processes to patient outcomes to reduce medical error, increase health system sustainability and drive economic growth for companies globally.


In 2010, five healthcare systems, Geisinger Health System, Intermountain Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic and Mercy – formed an action-oriented collaboration called the Healthcare Transformation Group (HTG) to share best practices and drive needed positive change across the healthcare supply chain. In 2019, we welcomed (FMOLHS) Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System. 


Symmetric Health Solutions’ cloud platform for medical products data & analytics helps healthcare organizations find time-saving, bottom-line impacting, and patient safety improvement opportunities. By combining a growing list of over 70 data sources on medical products and suppliers with customer feedback and machine learning, Symmetric’s web-based software provides the most complete intelligence needed for searching, reporting, and analyzing medical devices and drug information. Symmetric Health Solutions works with organizations ranging from non-profit academic medical centers looking to control costs and manage accurate data to organizations looking to ensure national data standards. Symmetric shares a common vision with HTG to leverage supply chain as a strategic asset focused on improving the patient/member/community experience across the continuum of care. 



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