Alexandra Wright

Alexandra Wright is a Research Analyst, Knowledge Mobilization, at the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health), where she conducts case study research in healthcare supply chain. Alexandra has a variety of expertise in healthcare supply chain, learning from crisis, public health, and health policy, gained from professional experience in both private and public healthcare industry. Her prior work at the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) allowed her to gain valuable experience conducting case study research in digital health, leadership, and supply chain. Her previous work with the Ministry of Health allowed her to work in project management on a variety of projects, including: expert panels for supply chain, healthcare organizational structure, and strategic foresight. Alexandra is currently completing her PhD at the Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation at the University of Toronto, in the Health Policy stream. Her research is exploring long-term sustainable policy making, through examining learning from crisis and adaptation. Through her studies at University of Toronto, Alexandra has a collaborative specialization in public health policy and an interest in examining climate change crisis through a public health lens. Alexandra completed her Master of Public Administration in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University, examining post-disaster policy and outbreaks.

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