• Virtual Business Case Competition
  • Design Competition
  • Supply Chain Maturity Scale
  • Annual Networking Event
  • Knowledge Mobilization (KM) Platform
Virtual Business Case Competition: The Business Case Competition mobilizes business school expertise in supply chain and logistics to be applied to health sector business cases of real-world supply chain challenges. Cross faculty and student teams will enable dissemination of supply chain and logistics concepts to students in clinical programs to build knowledge and awareness of how supply chain can support patient safety and system performance among future clinicians.
Design Competition: The Design Competition creates a forum for industry to engage with health systems to design the solutions needed to advance supply chain transformation to support traceability of products linked to patient outcomes and streamline e-commerce and inventory processes to achieve cost effective, sustainable health systems. Health System partners identify system challenges, industry teams respond to the Design challenge with solutions that leverage the extensive expertise of industry in supply chain and logistics processes to inform and advance supply chain processes in health systems worldwide.
Supply Chain Maturity Scale: SCAN Health has partnered with HIMSS to leverage the highly successful Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) strategy to create a Strategic Supply Chain Maturity Scale. The Strategic Supply Chain Maturity Scale engages and guides health organizations and regional health networks to analyze their progress and accomplishments in achieving a strategic supply chain strategy for their organization(s). The tool offers an online strategy to inform organizations and health systems of the key milestones necessary to achieve strategic supply chain transformation in health systems. This gives organization leaders the guideposts for progressing along the journey towards supply chain transformation to achieve a fully digital, traceable supply chain across global health systems. It also creates an opportunity for comparison of supply chain progress and outcomes across organizations, regions and global jurisdictions by comparing the uptake and progress towards achieving the seven levels of supply chain maturity in health systems.
Annual Networking Event: The annual, multi-stakeholder strategic health sector supply chain networking event brokers relationships and knowledge exchange between network stakeholders. These face-to-face gatherings include fostering collaboration on supply chain initiatives and projects, creating dialogue focused on key challenges and priorities for health systems. They also allow for the profiling of best/promising practices as evidence of progress towards a strategic supply chain, developing a global registry of product and patient outcomes, and scaling supply chain initiatives across global borders.
Knowledge Mobilization (KM) Platform: The KM Platform enables partners to come together on key priorities and learning opportunities to profile best practice achievements in healthcare supply chain. Knowledge sharing, and relationship building between organizations and partners will accelerate knowledge dissemination worldwide to create value. The platform uses online forums, educational programs and tools to engage partners across international borders to accelerate the transformation of health system supply chain into a strategic asset that achieves safer healthcare for Canadians, and populations globally.


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