Dr. Eugene Schneller

Professor, Supply Chain Management, WP Carey School of Business

Arizona State University

Eugene Schneller, Ph.D., Dean’s Council of 100 Distinguished Scholar

Professor: Department of Supply Chain Management, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University (gene.schneller@asu.edu) and President of Health Care Sector Advances. He is Director, Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium, an Industry Advisory Group within CAPS Research, committed to advancing health sector supply chain practice.

He earned his Ph.D. at New York University. He holds an honorary physician associate (PA) degree from Duke University. He is former Director, School of Health Administration and Policy, Arizona State University and founding Director of the L. William Seidman Research Institute. Prior to ASU he held faculty and research scholar positions at Duke University Medical Center, Union College (New York), Albany Medical Center, Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center and Columbia University.

His consulting and research focuses on best practice adoption, supply chain purchasing strategy, supply chain design and governance, human resource development and supply chain integration. He is a national and international leader in the area of purchasing models and group purchasing strategy. In his reteach and consulting he has engaged with key IDNs in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

His current work focuses on integration of health care supply functions, physician leadership in supply chain management, buyer/seller trust and performance relationships and maturity model adoption for continuous supply chain performance improvement. Schneller and his research associates have developed the concept “fully integrated supply chain organization” (FISCO) as a design vehicle for cost reduction and quality improvement in supply chain practice.

He is a frequent speaker at major health care conferences including GHX Global Summit, Health Trust University, Managed Care Forum, and World Congress on Healthcare Supply Chain.

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