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The SCAN Health Virtual Business Case Competition is the first of four invitational business case competitions designed to build leadership capacity for excellence and innovation in supply chain and logistics strategies in global health systems. This international case competition will bring together the best business school teams in the world to mobilize knowledge and create solutions to advance supply chain capacity in global health systems.

Teams of four undergraduate and/or graduate students are invited to compete in this competition that will showcase students’ knowledge, skills, and innovative solutions to advance supply chain and logistics in a leading global health system. This first of a kind virtual business case competition offers student teams the opportunity to work with global leaders, as expert advisors, to support their learning and success in the competition. Through the online SCAN Health Virtual Business Case Competition platform, students can register a team, receive and submit all case information, and interact with expert advisors.

Congratulations to the winning teams:

1st Place - Tied

Mariska van der Feen, Tessa Jansen, Eva Jelovčan (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

James J. Hall, Olivia Poulin, Matthew McGarr, Michael Tolentino (Brock University)

3rd Place

Scarlett Kelly, Chris Smith (Dalhousie University)



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