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Presentation submitted by Vincent Collard-Tremblay, Amélie Théorêt and Noémie Villiard.

Participating teams were challenged by Canadian Blood Services to identify, design and implement a solution to achieve “vein-to-vein” tracking and traceability of blood products from the “vein” of donors to the “vein” of recipients.

Executive Summary:

Today, you give us the opportunity to shape the future of blood donation in Canada. Our mandate was to strengthen the value proposition the Canadian national blood system can bring to the broader health care systems in which it operates. We understand that CBS faces various threats that hold you back. At this moment, you have traceability problems and no real time inventory. Everything is based on the good-willing of the provincial governments and hospitals. Fortunately, you can capitalize on various elements which can be leveraged. You can use digital technologies to gain access to an important potential donor pool and you can standardize the inventory management process which will help to track with more efficiency the blood donations.

We are convinced that you should change your process and adopt the Passive RFID system in all the CBS network. RFID system will help to provide real time traceability and is a solution that is already used in other countries like Australia and has made its proof to be the best technology for blood supply tracking. As you must work with various stakeholders with different interests or level of power and influence, it will be important to create a supply chain committee who will oversee the implementation of the RFID system and all the training that will be necessary. This committee will be under the responsibility of the CEO of CBS and will be composed by members from each stakeholder’s division. We also suggest you make a partnership with a company, like Optel, who has an expertise in Intelligent Supply Chain and in Traceability. For an implementation of this scale, it is highly recommended to call on an expert and Optel will be a good partner for you.

The better part with our strategy is that it needs low upfront investment and recurring costs considering your overall budget and the potential benefits for the Canadian health system. The financial assumptions that are made are relatively conservative, but we are convinced that our strategy can be implemented, in less than two year, in all the Canadian territory (except Quebec) with a low contribution from the Government. As the process will improve, the number of blood waste will be reduced, and CBS will be able to satisfy the demand of blood transfusion. Our Change Management Plan will help to respond to the fear of change from all the employees and it will reduce the possible problems that can occur with a change of this magnitude.

We are convinced that this strategy will have a positive impact in your process. Our goals will be to obtain:

0% quantity of blood waste in less than three years.

Increase by 30% per year the number of donation and increase the number of recurrent donors.

Reduce the total supply process time by 20%.

Assure a 95% satisfaction rate of employees.

We believe that our strategy will help to shape a better blood donation process in Canada in less than three years.

Thank you,

Van Consulting

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