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Event name: The 2nd Annual SCAN Health Global Networking Event 2018: Leveraging Supply Chain Maturity to Achieve Value for Citizens and Clinician Teams
The 2nd Annual SCAN Health Global Networking Event 2018: Leveraging Supply Chain Maturity to Achieve Value for Citizens and Clinician Teams, took place on June 5th, 2018 in Calgary, Alberta. SCANH2018 examines the key dimensions of supply chain infrastructure in clinical settings that support and enable patients and their families, with the support of provider teams, to achieve their health goals. Experts in supply chain infrastructure, manufacturers, clinicians, citizens, and health system leaders propose supply chain strategies that inform and empower citizen self management of health and wellness. SCANH2018 collectively develops a vision for the future state for healthcare systems leveraging strategic supply chain management approaches that engage consumers, enabling management of population health.



The Annual SCAN Health Global Networking Event provides a rare and unique opportunity to engage in dialogue and collaboration from multiple stakeholders around the globe to achieve value for health systems, consumers, clinicians, academia, government and industry. By brokering relationships and facilitating knowledge exchange among partners and participants, this exclusive event enables collaboration to advance supply chain knowledge and collaboration across global health systems that advance quality, safety, and sustainability.

SCANH2018 provides unparalleled access to the leading health sector supply chain and clinical thought leaders from around the world. SCANH2018 will profile new case studies in supply chain infrastructure in three global health systems to inform dialogue on developing strategic supply chain infrastructure as a growing priority to support safe care, improve efficiency, manage costs and achieve value for patients. Engaging clinicians and empowering patients to support self-management of their own health and wellness will be core themes explored at this year’s event. SCANH2018 is the leading opportunity for global knowledge exchange and dissemination to drive high performing and sustainable healthcare transformation.



Hosted by Alberta Health Services (AHS), Dr. Verna Yiu, CEO of AHS will present the winning team from the inaugural SCAN Health Design competition. Presentation of the winning solution for the AHS design challenge will profile innovation approaches to advancing the supply chain strategy across health systems.

SCANH2018 is delighted to partner with Alberta Innovates to enable SCANH2018 participants to attend the inaugural INVENTURE$conference, an event that brings venture capitalists, angel investors, start-ups, entrepreneurs, service providers and thought leaders together in one unified conference to discover and share the latest in innovation, research, capital access, deal-making and experiential learning. SCANH2018 will be listed as a pre-conference workshop for the INVENTURE$ conference to offer participants the opportunity to attend both events.


To view conference presentations and findings click here.



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