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“Ask the Experts” feature engages SCAN Health’s Expert Advisory Council Members in webinars and discussions and provides an opportunity for focused knowledge sharing from key experts in health system supply chain. Messages sent to the Experts are moderated by the SCAN Health team.

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Expert Advisor
Paul Broadbridge

Paul Broadbridge
MBA (Management), JP, MAICD
Paul Broadbridge
MBA (Management), JP, MAICD
Paul Broadbridge is a procurement, supply chain and business improvement leader who has worked at a State and National level in the Australian Healthcare system for over 12 years leading ‘whole of system’ procurement and supply chain initiatives to improve healthcare system outcomes. He has held numerous leadership roles to bring the healthcare community together to ensure that system change focuses not just on the what, but the why.

Paul works both nationally and globally in the healthcare industry to develop collaborative relationships that bring industry together to deliver tangible improvements to the way procurement and supply chain supports healthcare. This is through a combination of advocacy, strategy, business development, and program management.

Paul is passionate about driving change in healthcare, and through his former roles as Chief Digital Supply Chain Officer in the Australian Digital Health Agency, and Deputy Director, Procurement and Supply Chain Management for South Australia Health he has had the unique opportunity to lead programs of work to develop a digital health supply chain strategy for Australia, leading a whole of State (Province) transformation program to transition the organisation to a centre led model and increase the utilisation of GS1 standards and solutions across the industry.
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