SCAN Health is excited to be part of the INSPIRE team, the “Integrated Network for the Surveillance of Pathogens: Increasing Resilience and Capacity in Canada’s Pandemic Response” at the University of Windsor. INSPIRE is funded through the Canada Biomedical Research Fund and the Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund.

This research project brings together 43 experts from seven universities and public and private agencies in Canada and the United States to create a cross-border pathogen surveillance network covering regions where many supply chains supporting Canadian industry originate.

Those supply chains will be the focus of the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health), led by CEO and scientific director Anne Snowdon, a professor in the Odette School of Business. SCAN Health designs, validates, and scales collaborative supply chain solutions, practices, and measurement tools to improve health system supply chain resilience and economic recovery in Canada's post-pandemic future, Dr. Snowdon said.

“Through our engagement with INSPIRE we will mobilize the collective expertise of healthcare supply chain stakeholders across Canada to gain a real-world understanding of the implications of a potential pathogen outbreak, to inform solutions that improve health system capacity and support the biomanufacturing sector to strengthen self-reliance and economic recovery,” she said.

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